5 Tips for Being Veggie Around Christmas Time

Festive greetings to you all! I hope you’re having a great start to December and enjoying the build up to christmas. Carry on reading for my 5 tips for being veggie around christmas. Whether it’s your first christmas being veggie or your usual veggie christmas, I hope these tips help you to enjoy the perfect christmas with your loved ones.

1. Communicate with whoever is cooking christmas dinner

Being veggie can sometimes feel the most awkward and difficult if you’re not the one cooking the food. If you’re not the one in your household cooking the christmas dinner, I really recommend having a good conversation with whoever is to ensure that you both feel comfortable. Inform them on what kind of things you might like as your loved ones are probably just worrying about serving something you’ll enjoy. Talk to them about something that will go alongside the rest of the yummy meal like a nut roast, Quorn or even a veggie pie. There are plenty of options which you can research but make sure your loved ones aren’t left in the dark about what you want to eat. You can always take this as an opportunity to offer to help them to cook so that some of the pressure is taken off them and you feel like you have a little bit more control.

2. Make food that everyone can share and enjoy!

If you are planning on cooking over the festive period, make something that the whole family can enjoy! I wouldn’t go down the ‘fake meat’ route as this can be off putting and unusual for those who might not be used to it (especially if there is a meat counterpart to choose from as well!). I would recommend serving something vegetable based that can be enjoyed as either as main or side dish. You could create something such as a stuffed butternut squash with nuts and cranberries, something pastry based or even an indulgent and more substantial cauliflower cheese. All of these would go down well as they are all flavours that everyone is used to around christmas time and they probably wouldn’t even seen as “vegetarian options” rather just extra yummy side dishes which you can have as a main.

3. Stock up your cupboards

Christmas is often a time of year where everyone saves their most luxury cupboard items for the big day. People will start filling their cupboards with goodies and treats for the big day as early as November (and if you’re super organised maybe before that!). This tip is more so if you’re going vegan/dairy-free for the holidays e.t.c but stock up on your own goodies to make sure you don’t have to miss out. A lot of biscuits, crackers, chocolates e.t.c probably won’t be vegan friendly however if you stock up yourself on vegan or accidentally vegan treats you can still join in with the fun. If you’re stuck for inspiration, @accidentallyveganuk and @nowyouknowitsvegan are constantly posting new vegan options coming out and have shared lots of christmas options too.

4. Cook Ahead of Time/ Take advantage of the veggie options in supermarkets

Christmas day can often go by like a blur so you don’t want to spend half of it preparing your vegetarian option. That’s why I always advise to do as much prep as possible beforehand to make it as easy as possible for you. If you’re making a pie or wellington you can make the filling the day beforehand or if you’re making a nut roast you can make the nut roast preparation in a tin ready to bake on the big day. Lots of veggies that are going to be roasted can also be pre-boiled and chopped up. If you really want complete ease and simplification you could always take advantage of all the veggie christmas options available in the supermarkets.

5. It’s not all about the food

When it comes to christmas time a lot of people can get carried away with the food side of things (myself included!). It can be easy to get swept away by all these food adverts and new options coming out. Just remember that the most important part about christmas is spending quality time with your loved ones. Sometimes being the only veggie in the family can make you feel like the outcast or odd one out but christmas should be a time to remember everything we have common and the shared love for one another. So don’t put so much pressure on having the perfect veggie christmas and try to have the perfect family christmas.

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