Rainbow Tagliatelle Pasta #PrideMonth2019

Happy Pride Month 2019! With such a huge month going on I wanted to have my little input and create some LGBTQ+ inspired recipes for the month so here we go! My first recipe is a Rainbow Tagliatelle pasta dish. This is super easy and versatile so feel free to swap out any vegetables for others you prefer. Just make sure to make it as colourful as possible to bring joy to your dish.

Ingredients (Serves 6):
2 large pointed peppers
5 small carrots
2 courgettes
3 small red onions
4 garlic cloves
600g tagliatelle
500g dairy-free yogurt
2 tbsp thyme
2 tbsp parsley
2tsp salt (adjust to taste)
2tsp pepper (adjust to taste)
2 lemon zest & juice
6 tbsp vegan parmesan (sorry forgot to photograph it!)
More parsley and parmesan to serve (optional)

First of all begin by bringing a pot of water to the boil with a pinch of salt and then prepping your vegetables. So that your vegetables can mix and twist in with the pasta I cut all my veg into long strips or spiralised them. This is entirely up to you as I know not everyone has a spiralizer and both methods work the same.

Once all your vegetables prepped, begin to add your pasta to the boiling water as demonstrated by my boyfriend’s beautiful hand in the photo to your right 😉 .

At this stage you can begin to fry the vegetables and garlic. I would begin with the onions and garlic and add the courgette and pepper once the onions have softened. To cook the carrots add them to the boiling water 5 minutes before the pasta is ready.

Once your vegetables are cooked add in your herbs, lemon zest and lemon juice. Once this is incorporated together add in the yogurt, then parmesan and mix.

As soon as your pasta is cooked, drain and mix with the vegetables and sauce. You are then ready to serve! I like to serve mine with additional parsley and parmesan on top but this is entirely up to you!

Please let me know if you try this recipe and this is defiantly a recipe to share with your loved ones. I hope you enjoyed seeing a dish inspired by the awesome LGBTQ+ pride month and be prepared for more coming your way!

Jade 🙂

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