What I Eat In A Day – Veganuary Edition

Hello all! How is everyone’s Veganuary going? I hope you’re all having some delicious food. I wanted to share what I have been typically been eating this Veganuary to hopefully help some of you along. Comment down below what you dishes you’ve been enjoying this Veganuary!


For breakfast I like to have something hearty and filling so I know it will keep me going at work until lunchtime. Most days I have porridge and on this particularly day I cooked it with banana and topped it with peanut butter (my fav!), chai seeds and pomegranate seeds. I cook my porridge in either almond or oat milk depending on what’s available and on offer.


One of the many perks of my job is that I get to have delicious food from the cafe for my lunch. One of my favourite things from the menu is the soup. Today’s soup was roasted cauliflower topped with chimichurri and toasted pistachios. The roasted cauliflower creates a smooth and creamy base and the chimichurri adds a punch of flavour and lifts the dish, whilst the pistachios add crunch. This is one of my favourite soups so always have it for my lunch when it’s on the menu!


For dinner I decided to make a spaghetti bolognese using ‘The Meatless Farm Co’ Mince. During the week I like to make big meals that I can have multiple times. For this meal, I made the bolognese and kept it separate and cooked a portion of pasta every time I wanted some. I’ve found that pasta doesn’t keep very well and looses some of its texture and moisture so I like to keep the sauce separate.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I ate and maybe gained some inspiration. For any new veggies or those trying veganuary, I wanted to show you that vegan food really doesn’t have to be complicated! You can easily make your favourite meals vegan and plan ahead to enjoy some delicious food. Happy Veganuary!


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