Where have I been?! An overdue hello from me…

Firstly I want to begin with – Hello! It feels very nice to be writing content again and be back working on the blog. It has definitely been overdue! Let me take you back to the last time I published a blog post. We were months into the coronavirus pandemic and mid a nationwide lockdown. Unfortunately, I can’t say that the pandemic is over but a lot has changed for me over the course of the last year. Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a sad post and I’m very thankful that I have all my nearest and dearest around me and am able to spend time with them.

As I result of the national lockdown I was furloughed last spring until the summertime. Fortunately, I was still getting 80% of my usual pay and not going out anywhere so hence not using fuel or spending much money apart from food. At this point, I was living with my dad so we took on the project of redecorating his stairs. My goodness – it felt like a massive task! But the end result paid off and I’m very glad we had that time together and he can now enjoy them.

On the flip side, my boyfriend and I’s holiday to Mauritius was cancelled. It was supposed to be our first holiday abroad together and was something we were both really looking forward to, clearly just wasn’t meant to be. I know a lot of people struggled with holiday refunds but thankfully ours was relatively straight forward and the money we got was very useful (as you will see later on 😉 ).

Once things began to ease, I knew I was ready to find a place of my own. As much as I enjoyed living with my dad I needed a space of my own that I could transform into a place that reflected me. With my boyfriend finishing university too, it was the perfect time for us to find a place of our own. Well, what with my months of saving and a refund from the holiday… I decided to buy a house!!!

I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to say that and feels like a big accomplishment to say at any age but especially at the age of 21. I put an offer in July 2020 which was accepted and we moved in December 2020. As any homeowner will know, it is incredibly stressful going through the process of buying a house but even more so mid-pandemic. We did have a few hiccups along the way but it all came together in the end. My main emotion was pure excitement for the potential of this house. It is a classic two-bedroom terrace house which to begin with had quite dated decor. However, over the next couple of months, we embarked on some big renovation tasks with the help of my family. The third lockdown meant I had lots of time to help with lots of painting and generally making cups of tea and clearing the mess that followed. I’m very happy that we have managed to make it feel like our home and I’m hoping to delve into the renovation process (in particular the kitchen) in a future blog post. Please comment if that is something you’d like to see!

From April this year I have been back to work full time and incredibly happy to have a sense of normality and routine back in my life. We have just had the busiest summer that we have had in years and I believe it reflects just how much people wanted to be back out in the world and enjoy being out with loved ones. With the volume of customers coming in came a bit of stress as we were also understaffed as the hospitality sector across the country struggled to get new people into the workplace. I am hoping for somewhat calmer wintertime whilst still taking in good business as people meet up during the holiday season.

I now feel like I’m in a place to start posting again and sharing my food adventures with you. This blog has always been a passion of mine and a labour of my love. I hope you are ready for more content coming your way! Also, watch this space for a project of starting my own food consultancy business! So if you or anyone you know is interested in either a formal or informal chat about the world of food and business do send me an email at admin@joyfulanddeliciouseating.co.uk.

Hope you’ve all been having a joyful and delicious time and speak soon!


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  1. Fab post Jade!
    And would definitely like to hear about the kitchen renovations! Xx

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