Aldi Vegan No Chicken Burger Review

All my veggie chicken burger dreams have been answered!!! Aldi is one of my favourite places to shop however they haven’t had much of a range of fake meats… until now! They have recently released their own vegan sausage rolls, vegan beef burgers and vegan chicken burgers. I was most excited to try the chicken burgers as I see this about less often than beef style veggie burgers so wanted to see how well they could replicate it.

My first impression when I saw the packaging was how much the image reminded me of McDonald’s Mayo Chicken burger. However, obviously, not everything looks like its packaging once it’s cooked. Also, the name reminded me of Iceland’s Meat-Free Range such as their No Bull beef burgers.

The instructions to cook them were really easy and said to cook them in the oven for about 20 minutes. When I took them out of the packaging I was impressed with the size of them because sometimes frozen burgers can be on the smaller side, but this felt like one burger would be a decent portion. When it was done cooking I firstly noticed the juices which were coming out of it and it resembled how real chicken would let out juices.

This impressed me, as one of my annoyances of veggie burgers is that they are often dry but this burger felt really juicy and moist without being greasy. It had a very soft and tender centre without being mushy as the “chicken” was textured throughout. This is was really nice paired with the crispy coating of the outer layer which held together well.

Overall, I really enjoyed this burger and reminded me a lot of the chicken burgers I used to have at fast-food chains. It is great to see budget-friendly stores like Aldi doing their own meat substitutes as it makes it a lot more accessible and affordable. I would definitely recommend this burger during the summer time if your planning on having a bbq or sharing some food with your friends and family. I’m sure veggies and meat-eaters will all be impressed with this one.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on Aldi’s new No Chicken Burger and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Jade 🙂

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  1. So many years and yet never an answer to the age old question : Why are vegetarians so keen for food to look and taste exactly like dead animals??

    I’m an omnivore and like a lot of non meat products, they’re different but nice in their own right.

    1. A lot of veggies go vegetarian for health reasons other than moral so this probably wouldn’t bother them. Also just because someone is vegetarian doesn’t mean they don’t miss the taste of meat just don’t want to contribute to the meat industry 🙂 It is a huge topic of discussion and could go on forever and I can see both sides to the argument. Glad to hear you enjoy them in your own way and thanks for reading!

    2. I think the answer is pretty simple, from a company’s viewpoint: there’s a much larger addressable market of people who might be willing to try a vegan or vegetarian product than there are existing vegetarians or vegans. The former group will likely be more interested in something that looks and tastes like meat, but is healthier or better for the planet, whereas the latter either don’t car either way, or only want fresh veggies etc. I don’t see an obvious reason to not make it look and taste like meat.

  2. I asked Aldi to provide a better range of meat free alternatives a year ago, so was pleased to see these, however was shocked at the price! £1 a burger for a supermarket that promotes itself as cheaper than the rest! These are not cheaper than the rest, that’s for sure! The price put me off buying them

    1. I just ate some Tesco meat free burgers for the first time in quite a while. I used to eat them all the time and had no complaints. At 454 grams for £1.75, they’re great value. However, they’re borderline tasteless by comparison to the recent Aldi vegan options. By comparison, the No Chicken burgers taste fantastic! They’re more expensive, yes, but vegetable proteins likely cost more than basic soy.

      If Aldi want to rival the likes of Tesco, they need to have a comprehensive range and that means some premium options. Most major supermarkets now have a varied, vegetable-based vegan range that tastes and cooks like meat. That’s not going to come in at budget prices.

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