Andros Nutritious Delicious Peach Dairy-Free Yogurt Review

I honestly can’t say no to trying a new dairy-free yogurt – I’m obsessed! I think yogurts make a great snack or pudding and are usually healthier than other pudding counterparts. Tesco recently added a new range to their stores ‘Adros Nutritious Delicious’ so wanted to give it a go to let you guys know what I think!

I really like the colour of the packaging and it defiantly stood out against other yogurt brands which tend to go for either white or more muted colours. I like the simplicity and the front however if I hadn’t of previously known about them, I wouldn’t have necessarily guessed that they were dairy-free from first glance. If you look closer it says that it is made with coconut milk and the back of the packaging clearly labels that it is Vegan. On one hand this could be a good thing as people who don’t usually opt for dairy-free options might be more inclined to by this, however if you are already dairy-free/vegan you might miss out because you don’t realise!
I was very surprised by the actual taste because it doesn’t taste like coconut milk at all! Most coconut based yogurts have a hint of coconut or incorporate them into the flavour but this purely tasted of peach. It included little pieces of peach which was nice for the texture but the main flavour came for the yogurt itself. It was the right level of sweetness and honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference from a dairy based yogurt. I encourage you to see if you or your family and friends can tell the difference.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my review and let me know if you have tried these yogurts in the comments below.


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