Annie’s Burger Shack Worcester Review

Annie’s Burger Shack is located in the middle of Worcester city centre and is part of The Courtyard Bar. It’s a big spacious bar and is a very interesting mix of old style brick work and modern features. As you walk in it almost feels like you are still outside as it is very bright and has lots of natural lighting. This would be a very nice venue to have a drink, maybe watch some sports and all the drinks are reasonably priced. Now, onto the important part – the food!

So, when first looking at the menu, I was a little overwhelmed. All of their burgers can be done either meaty, veggie or vegan which is great as it’s open up the options for us veggies and vegans even more! I’m not used to looking at so many different options as they have 32 burgers to choose from plus sides and hot dogs. Once I got my head around all the options I decided to go for the Vegan ‘Malibu Surf and Turf’ which is a burger patty topped with seafood sauce, onion rings, breaded ‘prawns’ and dill. You also get the choice of fries when ordering a burger so I decided to go for the cajun wedges. When my burger arrived I have to say the portions were HUGE so you definitely get your money’s worth! The presentation felt very classic and fitted the vibe of the place very well. Nothing over the top but still presented really well and looking appetising.

Overall I was impressed with my burger. It definitely reminded me of ‘Surf and Turf’ when I used to have it and this was mostly due to the sauce it came with which was delicious. The burger itself was a very soft texture but crispy on the outside where they had cooked it. I did think the patty by itself was a little dry so maybe wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much without the sauce. The onion rings were just the way I liked them as they were proper rings of onion rather than that weird onion mushy stuff. The ‘prawns’ were an interesting add to the burger. I felt they reminded me more of fake chicken nuggets rather than prawns as they lacked a fishy taste however the texture and presentation was there. The individual elements by themselves were okay but when they came together as a burger I thought it was very clever. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the best burger I’ve ever had but I think their menu is very inventive and it’s certainly an event you’ll remember when you get one. I’d love to go back to try more burgers off their menu as it would be interesting to taste other combinations they’ve come up. I had a bite of my boyfriend’s burger which had bacon on it and I thought the bacon was well flavoured.

I think it’s really good that all they offer all of their dishes as either meaty, veggie or vegan as it makes everyone feel very inclusive and something I’m not used to. I’m not used to reading so much off the menu! I would recommend this if you’re going with a group of people and looking for a relaxed meal out that you can enjoy with a couple of drinks. Please let me know if you visit this place and let me know which burger you had and what you think!

Hope you have a joyful and delicious time whilst at Annie’s Burger Shack in Worcester!

Jade 🙂

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