Barburrito Review Manchester

Hands up if you love Mexican food! Mexican street food is one of my favourite fast food options. I think it can be a really yummy quick meal and is very satisfying. I’m always on the hunt for the best burrito and keen to trying any new restaurants I come across. Barburrito currently has 21 different restaurants across the UK and I tried their restaurant located in Manchester Arndale. Me and my boyfriend decided to share their ultimate nachos loaded with lots of veggie options and their ‘this is not chicken’ burrito.

I found the ‘chicken’ very succulent and tasty. It was soft but had a chewy texture like real meat and reminded me a little of the Iceland fake meats and tofu based fake meats. I could taste the flavour of the ‘chicken’ and also the herbs and spices that it had marinated in. The actual ‘chicken’ was not spicy in terms of heat but the heat could be adjusted by what salsa you chose. I found the burrito very filling as it had lots of beans and rice stuffed into the wrap. Overall very yummy!

The nachos had a great variety of toppings and made the nachos super delicious. They also had different types of nachos which created a different flavour in every bite. There was an option to have both grated cheese and cheese sauce which is great for us cheese lovers out there and created an awesome combination on top. These were a great lighter options than the burrito as they didn’t have the rice or wrap but still had the same tasty toppings.

There were plenty of options for us veggies and vegans and most of the menu could be made veggie by choosing either loaded veg or ‘this isn’t chicken’ as the main topping. Most of their toppings are vegan as well as the vegetarian options could be made vegan by choosing to not have cheese or sour cream.

As I went with my boyfriend who is a student they offered us a student discount of 20% off so defiantly remember to show your student card is you have one! They also have a student loyalty card which entitles you to other promotions and discounts so make sure to sign up to that. I think it is very clever how they have paired up with THIS as it creates a sense of familiarity. It is a brand you see in supermarkets and if you really enjoyed it, you can buy it after you’ve been out.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review and let me know if you have tried here before! I really enjoyed my delicious food and will be going back again soon when I’m next in Manchester. Speak to you all soon!


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