Black & Whit3 Worcester Review

Black & Whit3 is a small independent cafe found near the Worcester city centre just along the road of the Foregate Street train station. I first found this cafe when dining out with my grandparents and decided I needed to come back and bring as many people as possible to spread the word of this place! I also wanted to come back and do a review for you guys as the food is presented so beautifully it would be a shame not to take some photos.

I decided to have the quiche as I felt like it would be a good light summer lunch. It came with a big side salad and a balsamic glaze so this really felt like I got value for my money. The mediterranean vegetables added a nice bite and texture to the quiche and the feta added a salty and crumbly texture which complimented really well.

The ‘One Pan Wonder’ is a firm favourite of mine and I’ve had it many times before so I was very glad when my boyfriend decided to order it. The dish is made of fried red onion, mushrooms and potatoes topped with eggs and cheese and then baked. The mushrooms and onions make this a very savoury dish and is very indulgent with the melted cheese on top. This is also a very filling dish as it is a very generous portion with potatoes and toast on the side so be sure to have a big appetite if you order this one!

Overall, I have enjoyed all my visits to Black & Whit3 and it never fails to disappoint on flavour and quality of food. Even though it is a relatively small space, they have been very clever about making it feel spacious and welcoming. The open kitchen is a intriguing touch and many people I’ve visited with have found it really enjoyable seeing their food come from the kitchen. As someone who works in a kitchen, I have mixed views about this but I’m probably being super critical. The owner of the cafe is very friendly with all his customers and I can tell he is proud of his business and so he should be! I am always drawn towards small independent places to go for my meals out if I can, and I encourage all of you to try it if you’re near the Worcester area. It has lots of options for us veggies and vegans so you will have plenty to choose from – all at a very affordable price!

Let me know if you’ve been here before in the comments below and if there is anywhere else you’d like me to review.

Jade 🙂

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