BOL Thai Panang Coconut Curry Review

So, it’s the end of a long day and the thought of cooking is sending you into distress but you still want to eat healthily. It can be hard to come by ready meals that actually feel like you’re having a home cooked meal that is nutritious and delicious. BOL is here to save your lazy evenings. They have brought out a range of ready meals that are healthy and also made with eco-friendly materials. With this in mind, I had to try them!

I absolutely love thai food so I was defiantly going to pick their panang curry to try out first. I love the bold flavours and freshness of thai food so these were the characteristics I was looking for. I thought for a “ready meal” the vegetables felt very fresh and recently cooked. They still had bite and crunch to them and had not lost their flavour to them. Even the chickpeas had maintained their soft texture without turning mushy. I especially admired how they showed on their packaging that they love to use wonky veg. This is brilliant to see and it will start a positive trend of showing there is a market for using wonky veg! The coconut cream within the dish added a very smooth and indulgent feel to the dish – something you don’t tend to find in ready meals. The lime and jalapeno drizzle created a great contrast and burst of flavour against the coconut base to create a bold and fresh flavour. The curry was served with a mixture of white rice and quinoa which added a nutty taste to the dish. I particularly like how the rice was kept separate from the curry which helped in maintaining it’s freshness and feeling like something you had just served at home.

BOL is a very eco-friendly company which is shown through their use of materials used. The base of the container is made from plants and the entire container is 95% plastic free.

I brought this yummy meal using the shopmium app. By using shopmium I brought this for £2 rather than the retail price of £4. As someone who likes to save money when trying new things, I love to use this app. It inspires me to try new things and helps me save on some of my favourite foods. If you’re interested in downloading the app be sure to use my referral code ‘5ce9d9’ and you can claim a free tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream just for joining the app!

Be sure to let me know if you’ve tried this in the comments below and anything you’d like me to review in the future! I love being inspired by new products and I love any excuse to go food shopping ;). Hope you are all having a joyful and delicious day and will speak to you soon!


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