Boots Christmas Meal Deal Review

Hello all you lovely people! I love a good meal deal, they are such a good lunch option and can usually try a lot of new things for a cheaper price. I also love to try the new veggie christmas sandwiches coming out this time of year. I was particularly impressed by Boot’s range of sandwiches this year as they have brought out a Vegan Christmas Feast sandwich, Vegan Christmas Market sandwich and Vegan No Salmon & No Cream Cheese sandwich. I decided to try their Vegan No Salmon & No Cream Cheese sandwich as this was the one that I was most intrigued to try and also thought was the most different to other sandwiches I have seen. Carry on reading to see my review and the other goodies I got whilst I was there!

Boots No Salmon & No Cream Cheese Sandwich

I think this is such a creative sandwich idea and from my knowledge I haven’t seen another high street chain do it. The “salmon” was actually made from strips of carrot. The carrot was very thin and marinated so it was mostly soft like real salmon however some bits still had a bit of bite to them. I actually quite liked this as it added a bit of texture to an otherwise quite soft sandwich. Overall, the marinade was nice however I could mostly taste the dill and maybe would have liked the “salmon” to be slightly saltier. On a positive note, the bread was very soft and I really enjoyed the generous serving of cream cheese and couldn’t tell the difference from dairy cream cheese.

The Coconut Collaborative Double Chocolate Paradise Pot

I really enjoyed my snack as it felt like a very indulgent pudding for lunchtime however it was only 150 calories! It’s made with coconut cream and has a moose like texture to it. Even though it’s from coconut cream, I could only slightly pick up on the coconut and was mostly an aftertaste due to the rich dark chocolate. I would have maybe liked it slightly sweeter but it was very satisfying none the less and great if you love rich dark chocolate!

Alpro Caffe Coffee & Caramel Blend

My initial thoughts when I first smelt this drink was that it smelt just like coffee cake. To my surprise when I first sipped it, it tasted just like coffee cake! I’ll be honest I’m not the biggest coffee fan but this was very sweet and light so was very easy to drink. It also wasn’t too strong, so good for those who don’t like strong coffee.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review and inspired you to try some new goodies when you next go out to buy some lunch. I sure enjoyed mine! Whilst you’re here, be sure to like my Facebook and Instagram page @joyfulanddeliciouseating to stay up to date with all my posts.


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