Coconut Collaborative Panna Cotta Review

Hello my fellow sweet tooth fans! I’m always on the hunt for sweet vegan puddings, yogurts and desserts that I can enjoy.

I recently tried The Coconut Collaborative Double Chocolate Paradise Pot as part of the Boots Meal Deal. Spoiler alert – it was very yummy! Due to this, I became very intrigued by the company and wanted to try out more of their products. Check out my review of their Paradise Pot via the link below:

Next on the agenda was to try their Raspberry Panna Cotta, as I don’t often see vegan alternatives for this dessert. The texture of the dessert reminded me a lot of a panna cotta and had a very similar texture. It held it’s shape, remaining firm, but became silky once in your mouth. As the name of the brand would suggest, the base of the dessert was made from coconut cream. This meant that I could taste coconut within it however the raspberry compote aided to mask this flavour. The compote had a more sweet taste rather than sharp which created a very sweet dessert that would satisfy any sweet fans out there.

I tried this dessert with my mum who doesn’t tend to opt for vegan alternatives. However, my mum said that she struggled to tell the difference from dairy-based counterparts and said that non-vegans wouldn’t be able to tell.

I am constantly impressed by the amount of new vegan products coming out and I am really impressed by the standard of The Coconut Collaborative. I love their branding, their ethos and I am constantly drawn towards their products. I hope you enjoyed reading my review and let me know if there are any other products you would like me to review. Have a joyful day and speak to you soon!


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