EASY Vegan Pancake Recipe

Trust me this vegan pancake recipe is as easy and as simple as it gets! It’s such a tasty recipe you’ll be wanting to make pancakes all the time. All it takes is 4 ingredients, one bowl for mixing and a pan. Now let’s dive in and think about all the endless pancake combinations we can all try!

1/2 Banana
1/2 Cup Plain Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 Cup Dairy-Free Milk

First of all, cut the banana into small pieces and mash with the back of a fork until as smooth as possible.

Next add the rest of the ingredients and begin whisking. Whisk until the lumps have all gone. For this recipe, I used a whole cup of milk to create thin crepe style pancakes but if you prefer thicker and fluffier style pancakes you could always use less milk and a tsp more of baking powder.

Once your batter is ready, begin cooking and it’s as simple as that! I would recommend frying in either butter or a neutral tasting oil like sunflower. My best tip for perfect pancakes, is to make sure your pan is hot before you start frying and keep it at the same temperature throughout. Also I would recommend having a container nearby you to put any excess butter or oil in it so you don’t get soggy or greasy pancakes.

I managed to get 8 pancakes out of the mixture but this may vary depending on how big your pan is and how much batter you use per pancake. Also remember that the first pancake is always a bit of a flop but it will probably still taste pretty good so just have patience and wait for those delicious pancakes.

When it comes to topping these pancakes the options are endless! I made these pancakes for both me and my boyfriend and I decided to go with yogurt and banana. I used Lidl’s new Strawberry Coconut Pot so if you want to see my full review on the yogurt check out the link below:

I also topped it with remaining half of the banana that I used up in the batter and was a very delicious combo.

My boyfriend decided to go for the more chocolatey option and went with chocolate spread to top his pancakes. As someone who doesn’t usually explore vegan alternatives he was very impressed with these pancakes and thought they worked really well! He said the texture and look of them was identical to “regular” pancakes and the only difference he could tell there was a hint of banana coming through the batter which he actually liked.

I hope you enjoyed this super easy recipe and please let me know if you try it out. I would love to see your creations and what you like to top your pancakes with. As always I hope you have a joyful time creating these delicious pancakes and good luck flipping!

Jade 🙂

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