Fred’s Worcester Review

Good evening all! I recently stumbled across a new cafe in Worcester which had recently opened. I loved the vibe and decor of the place and the staff were really friendly so I decided that would have to come back to try their food.

Chai Latte with Oat Milk

This was my first time trying a chai latte and I was very delighted. I’ve been trying to find another one as nice and have struggled on my search. It was a very smooth and comforting drink and very nice if you like cinnamon and sweet spices. It reminded me of the kind of spices you find at christmas time.

Vegan Buddha Bowl with Chickpeas

I decided to try their vegan buddha bowl for my lunch however they had a very busy weekend before I visited so had to swap the quinoa for chickpeas. The buddha bowl had lots of variety and different ingredients so that every mouthful was a pleasant surprise. I particularly liked the sweet potato and apple as I really liked the contrast in textures. I decided to try mine with their garlic dressing which was really balanced and delicious.

Courgette Tart

My mum decided to go for their courgette quiche for her lunch. All their tarts are freshly made in their cafe and really worth a try. The courgette quiche included courgette, red pepper and cheddar cheese which created a lovely combination of flavours. I also thought that this was a very inexpensive dish as this quiche and salad came to under a £5 which is a very affordable and yummy lunch.

For pudding I decided to try their salted caramel brownie as it’s all about balance! This was a super indulgent and rich brownie so I very much enjoyed it. This is definitely for all chocoholics out there. The brownie had pockets of salted caramel within which created a nice pop of flavour and balance between sweet and salty.

Whilst I was there I learnt that Fred’s is also plastic-free and uses local and organic ingredients so I love the ethos of the place! If you’re in the Tything area of Worcester I would definitely recommend popping in for a drink or some lunch.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review and will speak to you all soon!


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