Halloween Stuffed Jack O’Lantern Peppers Recipe

The Halloween festivities continues! Carving a pumpkin is a very traditional thing around halloween time but often something that can be very time consuming and only decorative. As much as I love craving pumpkins, I know it’s not for everyone and I’ve come up with an alternative that can be super fun for everyone and can make a great easy dinner! Why not try my Halloween Stuffed Jack O’Lantern Peppers and carry on reading for the recipe.

Start by cutting the top of the peppers to create a ‘lid’ and remove any seeds or fleshy bits from the inside. Then start craving your peppers to look like a jack o’lantern. I found inspiration for my faces by just searching for jack o’lanterns on google. Then roast the peppers in the oven at 200ºC for 10 minutes. Make sure that your peppers can stand upright so that it will be easier to stand them up afterwards for the presentation. Make sure to check on them after 10 minutes as you want your peppers to be cooked but not overdone as they might loose their shape and not be able to stand upright. Give them a further 5-10 minutes if required. 

In the meantime, begin to cook your spaghetti. I always recommended to cook your pasta by adding it to boiling salted water. Don’t add before the water is bubbling. Most spaghetti takes roughly 10 minutes to cook but just check the packaging of your pasta before you begin. Once the pasta is done, drain and separate into two bowls. Add the red pesto to one bowl and green pesto into the other and throughly mix so all the pasta is coated. At this stage your peppers should be done so take them out and begin the plate up! I will be honest, the peppers don’t always stand up on their own so to get the full effect I recommend either balancing them against each other or balancing them against something else on the plate. As soon as you’ve had that initial ‘wow’ moment you can always tuck in and enjoy the tasty food without worrying about the presentation! 

This recipe would be great to have as an easy weekday halloween meal with the kids. It’s so simple yet effective it will no doubt impressive your family. It is also very inexpensive so great if on a budget and even better yet, the uglier the peppers – the better! One of my peppers had a dent in the side but I incorporated it into the face and it made it look extra scary so make use of the wonky peppers! Make sure to let me know and tag me in your pictures @joyfulanddeliciouseating if you try these peppers out.

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  1. Haha wow, I love this. PLEASE keep posting! Can’t wait to read your next blog!

    1. Aw thank you!! Will try my best to get some new content out soon 😊

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