Pret Dark Chocolate & Almond Vegan Cookies Recreation

I am seriously missing going out to eat food! The atmosphere of a busy restaurant and the crowds of people all enjoying similar food to you. I could go on but you get the idea I miss going out! One good thing to come out of this lockdown is the kindness of all our favourite brands realising recipes for their beloved dishes. Pret’s Instagram page has been the ultimate goals! They have been releasing recipes throughout all of this and decided to recreate their Dark Chocolate & Almond Vegan Cookies!

The recipe said it created 8 cookies but I think it could easily make more. I made 9 out of my batch and still thought the cookies were quite big so could have easily made smaller ones or made them less thick. I also found that I had to help the cookies spread out by pushing them down further. This could, however, be because I had to use a different type of sugar than the one stated in the recipe.

The centre had an amazing texture of being soft and gooey whilst the outside had a crisp. With the almond butter throughout the cookie, it created a very moreish and rich almond taste. The chunks within created a good variety of texture and helped to lighten the cookies.

Making these cookies truly satisfied all my Pret’s craving and they were so easy to recreate! I highly recommend giving these a go and I hope you enjoyed seeing my recreation and reading my thoughts! What restaurants or cafes have you been missing most? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Have a joyful and delicious time!


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