The Vegetarian Butcher Chickened Out Burger Review

Happy Veganuary! Can you believe we have already made it to 2020?! It’s blown my mind how quickly it’s arrived however I’m very excited for Veganuary. I’ve got lots of content coming out for Veganuary so be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram @joyfulanddeliciouseating. So let’s begin with my review of The Vegetarian Butcher Chickened Out Burger.

The Vegetarian Butcher was founded in the Netherlands from a family with a long history of animal butchery. After seeing the turmoil the animals had to suffer, Jaap Korteweg who was part of the 9th generation of butchers decided to turn vegetarian. He turned his family business towards finding meat substitutes to satisfy the taste he still had for meat and ‘The Vegetarian Butcher’ was born. I found this story very endearing for the business’ branding and made me more inclined to buy their products. I think that it is very inspiring to completely turn against 9 generations of family history and make positive changes for the better. Now turning to what you’re really here for… the burgers!!

As we were cooking the burgers, I thought it had an amazing smell. We followed the cooking instructions and cooked each side of the burger for about 3 minutes. This made them go crispy and lightly golden brown on the outside. When I finally tried my first bite I thought that the burger had a good texture.It was firm and held together but had a flakey “meat-like” texture. It certainly tasted how I remember chicken tasting. It didn’t have any particularly bold flavours however ordinary chicken doesn’t either so I can’t fault them on that. It reminded me a lot of the McChicken burger found in McDonalds. The burger was a good size and portion and with the burger buns we brought had a good bun to burger ratio. There was enough substance without feeling like too much.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review and let me know if you have tried these out in the comments below. I’m defiantly intrigued to try more products from their brand. Have a joyful and delicious time whatever you’re eating and will speak to you soon!


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