Yo! Sushi Blue Monday Review (Vegan)

I feel like I need to start this post by firstly saying how much I love sushi like I LOVE SUSHI. Before I turned vegetarian, I was never very keen on many different types of fish so as soon as I started exploring the world of vegetarian sushi I became a lot more adventurous and boy its soooo good.

I know not everyone is a fan so I would definitely recommend either going on a Monday or Wednesday when they have their Blue Mondays when 40 dishes are £3 or a Wednesday when 20 of their vegetarian dishes are £2.30. This will allow you to try some of their most popular dishes at a cheaper price. Me and my mum decided to go to Yo Sushi on their Blue Monday as a mother-daughter day which was really nice. I’ve been loads of times before so knew what to expect but in their most recent menu update they decided to make most of their vegetarian options vegan as they switch the mayo in the sushi for vegan mayo which I think is great! I really think that more places should consider doing something like this as it’s so easy to veganise most vegetarian options and allows more people to try it.

All food at Yo Sushi is served on either a conveyor belt system or you order it straight to your table. Whilst there is a slight novelty to the conveyor belt system, I would warn people that it can get quite expensive if you don’t keep track of how much your plates cost so defiantly go on days where they have deals or just keep an eye on what your picking out. In most Yo Sushi’s you can also see the chef preparing and cooking the dishes. As someone who works in the kitchen I have mixed views on this but for the general public there is again a slight novelty and also can be intriguing to see the process before it goes on your plate so you can see exactly what goes onto your plate.

But right, now onto the part you really came for… the food!

So here you will see probably Yo Sushi’s signature veggie sushi roll which is called there yasai roll. I would definitely recommend this for people adventuring in the world of sushi if you want more than their cucumber roll. On the inside they come with tofu (inari), cucumber, lettuce, carrot and avocado. They are then drizzled with teriyaki sauce and vegan mayo. I really liked how fresh this dish felt which is a common theme of sushi unless it has deep fried elements.The addition of tofu (inari) and avocado made the dish feel substantial and I’m always surprised at how full I feel after a meal at Yo Sushi. My only criticism would be that would have liked slightly less vegan mayo and more teriyaki as I felt the mayo masked the taste of the teriyaki and took away from this but this ratio of sauces could change every time you go.

When I saw this new dish I was very excited as I used to love their inari pockets and in this new dish they use the inari pockets with rice and have added avocado, ponzu salsa & vegan sriracha mayo. I think this is very inventive and an interesting twist of Japanese food mixed with the freshness of Mexican salsa and spices. The ponzo salsa had a hint of spice so having that paired with the sweet inari was very complimentary. This was also very reasonable sized portion as I think if I had more than 2 it would have become to much so it was very nice having a little portion of it to enjoy.

Their seaweed salad is one of my favourite dishes and also a firm favourite of my boyfriend. When I first took him all he was raving about was the seaweed! Their kaiso seaweed is marinated mixed seaweed, edamame & carrot in a su-miso dressing and is very yummy. The dressing is a the perfect mix of sweet and salty and is a very balanced and fresh dish. This is a must-try if you go.

One of Yo Sushi’s most famous hot dishes are their katsu curries and lucky for us veggies and vegans there are two to pick from! They have a Pumpkin Katsu Curry and a Tofu Katsu curry which I decide to go for. I have tried both before and the sauce is the same on both which is the best part to be honest! The crispy coating on the pumpkin and tofu is very light and crispy and complements the soft textures very well adding variety. I prefer the tofu curry to the pumpkin based on my personal taste that I find the pumpkin too sweet so tend to go for the tofu one. However this time I was a little disappointed. The tofu to me tasted very watery and spongy which is everyone’s nightmare when preparing or ordering tofu. It was a good job that the sauce is so well seasoned and strong flavoured otherwise this would have been a very bland and weak dish. This being said I’ve had it before and the tofu has been great and not watery at all so this could vary between service.

This spicy pepper cauliflower is a great twist on the classic spicy pepper chicken. I think cauliflower can be used as a great replacement for fried chicken because of its firm texture and ability to absorb loads of flavour. The cauliflower was perfectly crispy and seasoned and i loved the freshness of chilli and spring onions on top. Adding the lemon really lifted the dish as otherwise the fried element could have made it quite heavy. After trying this I’m interested in maybe trying to recreate this and think you could definitely do this in an oven to make it healthier. Let me know in the comments below if you would be interested in something like this!

Now finally onto dessert mmmmmmm. I always get so excited when I see a vegan option for dessert which is not just fruit that I always save room to try it. At the moment Yo Sushi’s only vegan desserts are their fresh fruit or miso chocolate pot. The miso chocolate pot was very indulgent and rich and definitely made with chocolate lovers in mind. The hint of miso creates a nice salty balance almost like how salt and caramel mixes so well. This was a really nice end to my meal and a good portion size as I think if it was any bigger I could have found it quite sickly.

My Overall Review:

Overall, I think it so great to see a high-street chain have so many options for veggies and vegans! There were plenty more to choices than what I shared in this post so if you’d like to see the full menu, check out the link below:
I also found it very convenient and handy that their menu specifies which of their wines, beers and spirits are vegetarian and vegan friendly. I think this would be a great place to go with family and friends who are first getting into sushi as there are plenty of options for veggies and those who eat meat or fish so no-one is going to feel differentiated. There are also plenty of options which are designed for more westernised palates so people won’t be scared off straight away. This can be seen as either a good or bad thing but I’ll let you make your opinion on that.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on my experience at YO! Sushi and definitely let me know your opinions in the comments below. I hope you have a joyful and delicious time visiting!

Jade 🙂

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